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Energy Audit Services

Energy audit services give you specific recommendations for improving the efficiency of your home or commercial space. We use a variety of techniques to determine where there is energy waste. We use specialized equipment to measure the extent of leaks and cutting-edge testing equipment to reveal voids that are letting air in and out. For instance, are your walls insulated? If so, are they fully insulated? Our thermo imaging camera will detect the source of problem enabling us to provide the appropriate solutions.

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Because we are a heating, cooling and ventilation expert, we provide both the audit and many of the solutions. In order to determine what could be improved, here are the techniques we employ; in the order we perform them.

  1. Manual assessment
  2. Blower doors
  3. Thermo graphic inspection

Thermo graphic inspection uses infrared technology. It is one of the energy audit services we use to specifically identify where walls and insulation are not doing the job. This camera pinpoints and records an exact picture of problem area(s). You may have heard of “night vision goggles”. They glow when you are looking at a heat source. Infrared cameras work in the same manner. They detect where heat is escaping, and where hot air is coming indoors through the walls by infrared technology. Poor insulation is a common problem found.

Blower doors are just that –a high-power blower or fan, the size of a doorway, which is installed and sealed in the frame of an exterior door. This boosts the flow of air through your home or business. Spraying a light, safe smoke reveals not only the places where air is escaping, but also where the structure is letting IN drafts, dust, allergens and moisture.

Manual assessment is the first step in energy audit services. This is a complete visual examination, of the size of the building, the number of windows, and total wall space versus window space. The manual check also takes into account where space in a home or business is used. Finally, the assessor will study your utility bills to determine how far out of line they are compared with your square footage and the energy output of your air conditioning and heating systems.

Energy audit services results are provided in an audit report, which we explain clearly. This report includes the evidence we have gathered, including infrared pictures.

Now it’s time to plan solutions. We help you balance cost and comfort. Part of energy audit services includes offering recommendations to make your home or business more energy efficient. This is where you benefit from our track record of integrity. We can provide the solutions, but we are not there to pressure you or automatically suggest a new heating and air conditioning system. We offer long term view solutions. When you are completed with assessing the options we offer, we are prepared to begin repairs in a methodical manner.

When it’s time, these are your energy saving options:

  1. Sealing air leaks
  2. Adding insulation
  3. Sealing ductwork
  4. Aeroseal
  5. Upgrading heating or air conditioning systems
  6. Proper tuning of your existing system

Too often, energy audit services determine that your heating and cooling system is oversized. This is not a typo. An air conditioner or furnace will not use fuel efficiently if it is undersized or oversized. People tend to purchase what a neighbor bought. Homebuilders get a deal and install the same units across a community. Commercial contractors install one kind of rooftop unit but the spaces and usage demand change on a regular basis.

We recommend and install ENERGY STAR® rated energy efficient heating and cooling.

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We offer energy audit services in Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Fairfax, and all surrounding areas.